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Pion organisation is a sports management company created by Pierre-Laurent Dussart. It mainly deals with Rugby and has a large panel of activities in this environment. In 1996, Pion, along with the French Barbarians Rugby Club, the French Federation of Rugby (FFR), and the City of Paris, created the annual International Air France Rugby Sevens Tournament.

Along with Pierre-Laurent Dussart, William Jefferson is the Tournament Director of the Air France Rugby Sevens. William, originally an American, has lived in France for over 15 years. A rugby player through and through, William has played for many of the top clubs around France including Perpignan, Bègles-Bordeaux, and Racing Club. Over the last three years, William and Pierre-Laurent have dedicated themselves to making the Air France Rugby Sevens tournament the top rugby sevens tournament in the World. After only three years, their tournament in Paris has expanded from an attendance of only 8,000 spectators the first year, to 34,000 by the third!

Aside from the success that Pion has had with expanding the popularity of Sevens Rugby in France, Pion acts as a travel agency, a public relations company, and a professional sports marketing company.


The Pion travel agency

Pion Communication is an officially licensed travel agency. With experience in sports management, Pion organizes tailor made VIP luxury group packages to many of the World's main rugby events of the year. Doing a large amount of business around the Rugby World Cup, Pion also organizes packages throughout the British Lions Tours, the V Nations Tournament, and other major rugby venues around the world.

The following is an example of a 9 Day travel package for Hong Kong and Hanoi, during the 1997 Sevens Rugby World Cup in Hong Kong:

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

-Air France Flight to Hong-Kong
-Limo transfert to the Hotel
-Check-in in a ***** Hotel (Mandarin)
-Diner in a panoramic restaurant

-Lunch in Lowloon RWC Sevens 1st Round (1st category tickets)
-Diner in a *** Chinese restaurant

-Lunch at Hotel Furama
(players hotel)
-RWC Sevens 2nd round
-Diner on a Chinese joncq

Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

-Lunch at the Stadium
-RWC Sevens Finals
-Limo transfert to the Airport
-Departure for Hanoļ
-Check-in in a ***** Hotel (Metropole)

-Visit of Hanoļ

-Helicopter transfert to Along Bay
-Visit of Along Bay
-Lunch at Along Bay

Day 7
Day 8

-Free time: Shopping day
-Departure for Paris
-Air France Flight

-Arrival at Paris airport


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