VIP luxury packages

Pion organisation specializes in setting up VIP luxury packages for international rugby games in France. Aside from its travel agency, Pion provides the best in hospitality. Services include lunches in the best restaurants, limousine or luxury bus services, welcome gifts, excellent stadium seatings, private flights, etc.

As the agent for the Barbarian Rugby Club (created by the French Grand Slam team of '77) many former international players such as J-Pierre Rives, Serge Blanco, and J-Pierre Bastiat are always present at our events.

If you want to impress, invite or thank your client/partner, bring them to a rugby game in luxury and style. Contact Pion organisation:
Tel: + 33 (0)1 40 73 84 54
Tel: + 33 (0)1 40 73 84 50

The following are two examples of a luxury set up through Pion Organisation.


Standard offer

Lunch menu

11 h 00 - Rendez-vous at Guy Savoy
11 h 30 - Before lunch cocktail
12 h 00 - " Guy Savoy " lunch
13 h 30 - Transfert to the staium
15 h 00 - Kick-off
16 h 30 - Transfert back to Guy Savoy, After game cocktail, Cadeau souvenir

-Truffe entière en brioche feuilletée, Jus à la truffe
-Soupe d'étrilles et gnocchi de tourteaux
-Côte de veau juste rôtie, purée de pommes de terre à la truffe
-Terrine de pamplemousse, Sauce au Thé
-Café, Chocolats, Mignardises




Pion is the agent of some of the most prestigious clubs and players in French Rugby.

  • The French Barbarians, RC Narbonne, US Dax
  • Stéphane Glas, David Aucagne, Abdelatif Benazzi, Christophe Laussucq
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