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The Air France commitment to this event provides a new opportunity to demonstrate the company's truly international dimension, as well as its real attachment to values it shares with the sport of rugby, notably the spirit of competition and teamwork.

For a company with a high level of clientele who have an interest in and who are sensitive to the world of rugby, this tournament carries a significant commercial weight. It represents as well, an exciting challenge for Air France, a company which serves 199 destinations worldwide with a fleet of 200 aircrafts, and will be called upon to transport some 200 players from 16 separate nations.



Partnership with the Air France Sevens gives Cap Gemini the opportunity to highlight certain values the company has in common with the sport of rugby. In their creative action (one creating new products and employments, the other fine play and professional opportunities), the performance of both depends upon swift reaction and execution. The ability to adapt counts if one is to surprise and outdistance competitors, and progress for both is frequently a matter of taking considered risks. Finally, while force is far from being a question of size, victory is always collective. Only through consistent teamwork can you score a try... Or sign a contract.

For these other reasons, Cap Gemini wants to help others discover the pleasure of "sevens", a sport consistent with the values of the group : enthusiasm, imagination, humility, honesty,fairness, solidarity...

Cap Gemini is Europe's leader in management consulting and information services. With some 27,000 employees, the company is present in seventeen European countries, in the United States,and in Asia.



Rugby is diversity. Tall, short, sturdy, quick strong agile, men et women all share their passion for this sport. The camphor of the changing room, the fear in the stomach before kickoff, the pleasure of touching down or the joy of a decisive pass, everyone shares it, whether they play the traditional fifteen-man game... or the rugby sevens.

Sevens rugby is a variation of fifteens. A more rapid sport, one which requires different qualities. And, just as a prop plays the game differnetly than a wing, you don't play sevens like you play fifteens. The richness of the sport is in these differences.

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